Agent structure

Information in a stigmergic system is held in the memories of agents that 'live' on the Web in areas known as "Kempelen boxes". These agents represent real people and are designed to share the knowledge that has been programmed into their memories by their owners.

Experts program their agents' memories by supplying answers to questions their agents might be asked. They also have a control panel that allows them to update or add to the information their agent's carry.

The agent memories are divided into three sectors:

1) Sources of useful information

This sector contains a number of categories that relate to different aspects of search engine optimization. Experts can provide useful links to information in any of these categories by entering suitable responses that will be stored in their agent's memory (note: responses take the form of single line descriptions of an information source followed on the next line by its URL. More than one information source can be pointed to in any of theses categories).

2) About agent owner

This sector allows the agent to tell people something about their owner.

3) Assist

This sector allows agents to make recommendations for new categories or suggestions as to how the system might be improved.

More information on the structure and evolutionary nature of these agents can be found in the 'Technical notes' and 'References'.