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Second Life
Stigmergic systems primer   Primer
The Second Life Project   SL - A new direction
First experience of Second Life
Social interaction in SL
Communication and emotion
Why SL seems so real
Media potential of SL
Object Oriented Thinking
The SL Project
Theory summaries   Stigmergic systems - summary of theory
Systems - an insight
What is stigmergy?
How stigmergy can be used
Using agents in a stigmergic system
What is a Kempelen Box?
What is an evolutionary strategy?
Chaos and complexity
What is Web site creator program?
The stigmergic system projects
Application areas   Applications for stigmergy - Future products
Applications for stigmergy - Knowledge centers
Applications for stigmergy - Tracking trends
Applications for stigmergy - Multiple centers
Applications for stigmergy - Medical
Applications for stigmergy - Leveraging
Applications for stigmergy - Contact directories
Applications for stigmergy - Education
Applications for stigmergy - Employment
Applications for stigmergy - Real estate
Applications for stigmergy - Project organization
SEO project   Search engine optimization of a Web site
SEO project - an introduction
SEO project - the structure of agents
SEO project - portal design
SEO project - types of portal
Stigmergy in the SEO project
Example of an SEO portal
Technical notes Stigmergic system tutorial Harnessing the power of stigmergy
The basics
Trails and agents
Technical notes Web site creator program Organic prototyping
Designing for change
The Web site
Using agents
Evolutionary strategy
Technical notes Kempelen boxes Stigmergic Kempelen boxes
Designing a stigmergic Kempelen box
Example Kempelen box
Agents in a Kempelen box
Technical notes Using strange attractors Controlling complexity
Conceptual models
Understanding complexity
Using attractors
Technical notes Useful knowledge Self-organization in stigmergic systems
Biological system design
Intelligent use of web logs
Stigmergic systems - technical notes
References Setion indexes Stigmergy references - Stigmergy
Stigmergy references - compexity and chaos
Stigmergy references - agent technology
Stigmergy references - biological mechanisms
Stigmergy references - communication
Stigmergy references - commercial considerations
Stigmergy references - search engines
Stigmergy and stigmergic systems - references
Stigmergy references - seminar papers
References Cooperation Games of competition
Competing for cooperation
Applying Keynes' thinking
The value of an act of co-operation
Allowing for risk
Solution builder's point of view
Expert's point of view
References Virtual cafes The idea of virtual cafes
Using virtual cafes
An organic intelligence system
References Small world clustering Small world clustering
Clustering - effects
A surprise property of the connected world
A small world
Small world clustering - the surprise
Small world clustering - the significance
Universal implications of small-world clusters
References Cell as a computer Cell as a computer
Biological agents
The conceptual hurdle
Information processing in a biological cell
Computers and biological systems - an abstraction
Summary of cell communication techniques
References Finance and funding Financing stigmergic systems
The harsh realities of funding and finance
Getting financing into perspective
Discounting for risk
The fallacies of conventional funding
Two kinds of player
Looking for a sensible way to invest
Calculating an investment decision
A more realistic strategy for e-business funding
Comparing the two ways of financing a start up
References Business strategy Business strategy for technologists
Initial assumptions
Business strategy - rules 1 to 9
Business strategy - rules 10 to 16
Business strategy - the full set of rules
References Various Stigmergy and stigmergic systems - references
System explanations - 0rganic portals
System explanations - growing a portal
Definitions of stigmergy
Introduction to stigmergy
Ants using stigmergy
Stigmergic foraging
Complex systems
Chaos theory
Attractors in complex systems
Self-organization references
Is it stigmergy
Limitations of autonomous agents
Bots and agents
Decentralized thinking
Evolutionary Psychology
Gene transfer
Degrees of separation
Stigmergic systems - misc references
Genetic algoritms - near enough
Edited directories
Categorization limitations
Google's patent
A tutorial in complexity
References Seminar papers Three papers on agents and stigmergy
Bots with emotions
Stigmergy and living databases
Organic database for volatile information
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Lingo Sorcery
Lingo Sorcery - contents
Magical A-Life Avatars
Magical A-Life Avatars - contents
The Entrepreneurial Web
The Entrepreneurial Web - contents
The Ultimate Game of Strategy
The Ultimate Game of Strategy - contents
Web Presence
Web Presence - contents
Web Presence - An introduction
Publications CD-ROM CD-ROM - How God Makes God
Non-Computer Real world experiences Using biological strategies
Strategy in the world of fashion
Creating a jewellery business
Evolutionary strategy - creating a craze
Emergence in poker
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The Entrepreneurial Web
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