Multiple centers

Many different Kempelen Boxes can be run from the same site. This may be useful if a Web site wants to attract more than one kind of visitor.

The diagram below illustrates how a technical book publishing company might want to create a Kempelen Box for each of the books they publish. This would have multiple benefits because besides acting as attractors for customers to buy the books, the agents created by other experts in the subject area would point to associate areas of interest. This could indicate the potential for publishing further books.

Note: In the diagram you'll see each separate Kempelen Box is monitored by an author. This is necessary, as the author would set appropriate questions in the questionnaire that formed the basis of the agent memories. The author would also be able to modify, add or delete questions according to the feedback. The author would also be able to accept or reject agents and act as a moderator in respect of the agent answers.

<b>Kempelen Box</b>

The essence of the way these kempelen boxes work in practice can be gleaned fom the example demo in the "SEO project" (see menubar).