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A stigmergic system can be set up as a number of Kempelen Boxes, each of which is dedicated to a particular subject or area of education.

Each of these Kempelen Boxes would take on the appearance of the example shown in the 'Example' link in the menubar, except the agents would not represent people but courses of instruction or education.

In any of these Kempelen Boxes, an agent can be created and maintained by any teacher, educator or educational institution, who would use their agent to describe, on their behalf, details of the tuition, course or educational service they are offering.

The questionnaires used to create the agent memories would have questions relating to the type and content of the education. Each Kempelen Boxes would have its own unique questionnaire, which would have questions specifically tailored to suit the particular subject.

Students and knowledge seekers can visit the Kempelen Boxes relevant to the education they need, to interrogate the agents and rapidly compare the various educational options available.

The stigmergic nature of the system would allow each of the questionnaires, in every subject area, to evolve independently. Over time, these questions will take an optimum form, to answer everything that people would need to know about the courses and to be able to easily compare them.

Additionally, as the system expands it will evolve its own hierarchical navigational framework. As self-organization takes place, the subject areas will divide and sub-divide. This will allow students to drill down, through the levels of hierarchy, to Kempelen Boxes specializing in narrow aspects of a main subject.

The beauty of such a system is that it is organic and will self-generate its own content and organizational structures. Even though such a system may grow to where there are hundreds of Kempelen Boxes with thousands of agents, it could be run very easily at low cost - probably by a small team or even a single person.

More importantly, there would be hardly any development costs to create such a system. It would be able to evolve by itself.