Matching employers with employees

A stigmergic system can easily be set up to enable employees to find employers and employers to find employees.

Areas are created in an information space where employees can create an agent to represent themselves to describe their knowledge, capabilities and experience.

Employers can create agents to represent themselves in describing particular types of employees they are seeking, job descriptions and the benefits of employment they can offer.

The information space can be divided into occupational subject areas, where employees and employers can go to interrogate the agents and be able to make comparisons between the various options available.

This application might particularly suit employment agencies.

Targeting sectors of employment

A spin-off from the research into stigmergic systems is software and techniques that can target specific sectors of employment.

Problems it can solve

1) Attracting specific kinds of specialists

2) Reducing cost of sorting and handling applications

3) Presentation of candidates to employers

4) Eliminates the costs of technology

5) PR opportunities

1) Attracting specific kinds of specialists

The software that has been developed for stigmergic system Web sites, is designed to rapidly create a new Web site from scratch that can be focused on any chosen subject area. This same software can be used to create sites that attract particular categories of job seeker.

Note: this current site is an example of a site generated by this software. It can be quickly reconfigured to attract job seekers in any particular category of employment.

Web log analysis and search engine optimization techniques are built into the program to ensure that the Web site rapidly achieves high search engine placements in selected search categories.

2) Reducing cost of sorting and handling applications

The agent technology used in stigmergic systems can be used to allow job seekers to create an agent to represent themselves. This is done on-line, simply by answering a list of questions. The technology is transparent (to the job seeker it is much like providing a CV). The questionnaire can be designed to ask any questions that might be useful in considering a candidate for employment.

By comparing agent answers, applicants can be quickly sorted into appropriate categories.

The example of a 'Kempelen Box' and the demo in the'SEO project' will give you an idea of the way stigmergic systems can be employed. You can apply your own ideas as to what sort of questions and categories might be suitable for matching and bringing together appropriate job seekers and employers.