The Entrepreneurial Web
Part 1
Transition into chaos

Part 1

Bloodstains on the carpet

Part one begins, like any good detective story, with a mystery. The bloodstains on the carpet of this mystery is the evidence that many managers and executives in the corporate world don't seem to be getting to grips with the ideas and principles of e-commerce and e-business. The Internet appears to be a disorganised wilderness, with more noise than value.

These first three chapters look at the changes in attitudes that may be necessary as the transition is made from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. It explains how the organised business environment of the Industrial Age is rapidly being replaced by a fast changing chaotic environment where the firmly established rules, procedures and protocols of conventional Industrial Age strategies may no longer be valid. Perhaps they are even counter productive.

It is proposed that the new environment of the Information Age will need business strategies more usually associated with entrepreneurs: where opportunities are anticipated and exploited in a highly competitive business environment full of unknowns and unpredictable chaos.