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The Entrepreneurial Web


No book can be created by an author in isolation. This book is no exception. Indeed, the feedback from so many people during the draft stages of the writing was a major influence on the content.

Listed below (in alphabetical order) are the people who in one way or another contributed to the evolution of this book.

Annette Abel, Michael Allen, Guy Anderson, Giles Askham, Alison Birtwell, Bonnie Austin, Art Avery, Bruce Baikie, Perry Barile, Sheelagh Barron, Douglas and Fiona Bay, Isaac Ben, Tomer Berda, Phil and Sorel Blomfield, Vaughn Botha, Mrs. Brisby, Doug Brown, Cody Burleson, Dooley Le Cappellaine, Yvan Caron, Katy Cartee, Esther Garcia Castells, Delbert Chaplin, Jason Cunliffe, John Dawson, Chris Dolan, Katherin Ekstrom, Jocce Ekstršm, Bruce Epstein, Pete Everett, Adrian Goddard, Chris Heape, Steve Howard, Bob Hughes, Lizzie Joyce, Vahe Kassardjian, Jackie Kleinschmidt, Kate LaBore, Janet Laidler, Don Lawson, Alexander Liden, Bryan Lowes, Robert Moorhead, Anita Melling, David McDivitt, Ian Morrison, Nelis van Nahuijs, James Newton, Warren Ockrassa, Verne Pence, Heidi Raebeck, Joseph Rienstra, Ben Rollason, Eric Rosen, Matt Ross, Blane Savage, Marilyn St Clair, Richard Stagg, Steve Temblett, Terry Schussler, Birnou Sdarte, Andrew Stapleton, Warren Stolow, Peter von Troil, Dai Williams, Andy Wilson, Marcus Zillman