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Peter Small

Stigmergic Systems
Tel: 44+(0)1628-630314



Originally an electronics engineer. Decided against a career with corporates. Created numerous business enterprises (more for interest than seeking to create wealth). These include having a gaming club and a discotheque. Had retail fashion shops in London's Carnaby Steet, King's Road and Oxford Street. A fashion design studio "Street Theatre".

Bought an Apple computer in the 1990's and produced the award winning CD-ROM book "How God Makes God". Became interested in biological and evolutionary systems as a basis for software development. Wrote two books on scripting: "Lingo Sorcery" and "Magical A-Life Avatars". Wrote three books about the internet: "The Entrepreneurial Web", "The Ultimate Game of Strategy" and "Web Presence".

Became interested in virtual worlds in 2007. Currently exploring the unique potentials of Second Life, writing a book on how to use the Linden Script language creatively. Also, developing EasyBuild HUDs in Second Life: based upon the concepts of multi-dimensional space and stigmergic evolution.