Examples of builds using the EasyBuild HUD
The HUD is designed to be able to create a variety of functional builds that can be quickly assembled for a variety of in-world social and business events.
Luxurious homes, meeting discussion areas, party, dance and night club venues can be quickly constructed to suit a variety of design tastes.
Builds for educational lectures, presentations or theatrical productions can be quickly assembled. Shopping malls and market squares can be created, simply by clicking on buttons in the menus.
Below are just a few examples, from the thousands of possibilities that can be created with this HUD. The builds are based upon a 50 square metre area - although the smaller room size accommodates 30 square metre builds. Ensure that you have sufficient land size available to accommodate these builds.
With such a large number of variables, these few snaps cannot illustrate the full range of possibilities available.

It is advisable to use the "Example builds" menu to start with. This menu provides basic configurations of walls and floors, without any textures applied. You can then experiment with the texture and feature menus to add textures and a variety of component choices.

You might start by creating a simple cabin.

Many variations of this cabin can be built using the menu.

When you have finished experimenting with the exteral appearance, you can then walk inside and experiment with the internal appearance.

You'll find there is plenty of room to add your own furnishings and any other items you have in your own inventory

You can then move on, to experiment with creating a two storey design.

All kinds of external appearances can be created with the wall texture and color menus.

If you then go inside, you can use the menus to add a balcony and a staircase.

All the upper and lower floors and walls can be given textures and colors from the menus. You can also color the staircase to match the designs

You can then experiment with adding and removing components to vary the build.

This effect can be achieved by removing the roof or by applying the ALPHA texture in the texture menu.

Another variation is to have a large room over a small room.

This will create a large balcony inside

Playing around with the exterior textures can provide many pleasing effects such as this eastern style build.

Take a few minutes to try out all the textures on the external walls.

Here are a few examples of the kind of structures that can be created using the EasyBuild HUD.

Many variations of houses can be built from the components

Inside the small lower room you can create the illusion of a much larger house by using the fake rooms menu.

The fake room effect is created by surrounding textured scenes with artificial doorways.

The large builds can be used for theaters , lecture halls, presentations,etc. Also, with the balcony, they provide a suitable location for creating videos and machinima. Using the textures and color menus, together with components such as the pillars, all kinds of ambience effects can be created.

In the commercial and social menu there are two sizes of stage and an arrangement for seating. And, from the lighting menu, many variations of lighting effects can be added.

Similarly, the large builds can be quickly constructed from the menus to become shopping malls.

You can provide your own facia for the entrance

The components in the mall menu allow you to create stalls around both the lower floor and the balcony floor.

The mall menu provides several components that can be used to attract visitors to a mall. For a fashion mall, there is a catwalk that can be rezzed from the menu, for fashion shows.

The catwak is rezzed from the mall menu

Holding parties or dance events can bring people to the mall. There is a dance floor in the mall menu that fits into the mall.

The dance floor is rezzed from the mall menu.

Meetings and discussions can be a way of bringing visitors to the mall.

The seating ring is rezzed from the mall menu

Some interesting builds can be created by leaving out some of the walls.

The upper room structure provides a balcony area for an open dance venue

The builds can be used as the basis for moody night clubs.

All the items in this picture are rezzed from the HUD but you can add other features from your own inventory

The commercial and events menu have buttons that allow you to instantly create a small market square, complete with nine shops and twenty-four market stalls.

Rezzed with two clicks: one for the shops and one for the stalls

Many useful builds can be created without using the walls: such as this open air meeting place.

The seating circle has twenty-one seats, with the avatar seated positions arranged to point towards the center

Similarly, open air dance and party venues can be created.

The dance floor is rezzed from the commercial and social menu

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