Four Dimensional Building

The EasyBuild HUD is a four dimensional building application.

Normally, all building constructions are considered only in terms of three dimensions: width, height and depth. The fourth dimension is time.

Four dimensional building is simply the ability to create different buildings in the same space at different times. This happens in real life, when a building is demolished and a new building is built on the same site.

Of, course you can do this in Second Life, but, where the EasyBuild HUD differs from most other rezzers, is that it can create an enormous number of different buildings in the same space - simply by clicking on buttons in menus and palettes - effectively having the ability to build in the fourth dimension.

Demolition of any particular build is achieved simply by clicking a "Kill All" button: leaving the space clear for a new construction.

Four dimensional building has limitless possibilities, because any kind of component or construction can be rezzed into the space - determined only by the range built into the EasyBuild HUD. Different EasyBuild HUDs can offer different ranges of possibilities - and the number of possibilities is virtually limitless.

Multi-dimensional thinking

If you are into cerebral stuff, you might like to think of this HUD in terms of a multi-dimensional space.

It is a way of thinking about a space, where everything in it can be described by a finite number of parameters. In this way, you can think of the easyBuild HUD as a space in Second Life where you can put anything you like into it - simply by specifying a list of appropriate parameters.

This is a very powerful conceptualisation, because instead of thinking about individual specific designs, you can think about the possibilities for any design your imagination can come up with. Even better, combined with the concept of stigmergy you can use this way of thinking to improve on your creativity - allowing your imagination to expand and evolve as you add or change components in this space.

In this way, the products that you now see in the current HUDs can be seen as just initial, random samples of an infinite range of possibilities. As more people become involved, adding content and ideas to these HUDs, there is no limit to the way in which the contents of the HUD spaces might change. It is a mind blowing thought.