What is an evolutionary strategy?

An evolutionary strategy is a process of continuous reproduction, trial and selection. Each new generation is an improvement on the one that went before. This results in systems that become increasingly more efficient and more organized.

This strategy can be applied to Web sites.

Using an evolutionary strategy to develop a Web site is quite different from the way Web sites are usually developed. The technique is faster and cheaper. This technique is particularly suited for focusing a site to attract visitors interested in a particular subject area and to get high placings in relevant search engine lists.

The technique

Biological evolution is dependent upon continuous reproduction. This process is emulated by a program that can build a Web site from scratch in a few minutes. This enables a Web site to be continuously reconfigured in different ways until it is achieving desired results.

In between each build, traffic flow around the site is measured and judgements are made as to how to change the content and the navigational hierarchy for the next rebuild.

The Web site creator program is designed to make these changes easy to put into effect.