What is a Web site creator program?

A Web site creator program is a program that facilitates the continuous rebuilding of a Web site to implement an evolutionary strategy.

In fact, it is not a single program but many different programs and utilities that are combined together to allow a Web site's performance to be assessed rapidly, the content and structure to be changed and modified easily, then be able to quickly replace a previous version.

Conventional Web site development involves making incremental changes of content, design or navigational hierarchy to a more or less permanent structure. With an evolutionary strategy, when changes are made the site is completely rebuilt from scratch. This necessitates having many different programs where most of this work can be automated so that changes and rebuilding can be put into effect with the minimum of time and effort.

The program (or more accurately, the suite of programs) performs the following functions:

Performance assessment

A Web log analysis program is used to look at visitor activity around the site. Another program checks search engine placings for a list of relevant words and phrases.

Design changes

A program constructs style sheets according to items selected from a library of CSS design modules

Content changes

A program keeps a library of content that can be selectively inserted into the Web site design. Utililities include a text editor, and a means for storing different modified versions of documents.

Navigational changes

The navigational hierachy of the site is constructed quite independently of its content and appearance. A program allows the organization of the site to be slightly modified or completely reorganized - without affecting any of the URL links to the site (retaining outside links that have been bookmarks, recommended or are in search engine listings.

Search engine optimization

Programs arrange for search engine optimization by suitably constructing and coordinating titles, content and metatags according to a list of relevant words and phrases.

Programming changes

The various programs involved in the agent technology are held as a library of modules that can be automatically inserted into the Web site design during the construction process. These modules can be added to or modified at any time in between the builds.

Agent building

A program handles the construction of agents and their memories, working directly from the answers to questionnaires. Another program constructs the Kempelen Box container that holds them all together and provides the means for their memories to be accessed and compared by visitors to the site.

Agent optimization

Agents are presented to human controllers as items that can be inserted into a Kempelen Box by means of a simple drag and drop procedure.

Agent design

Agents are constructed from modules. These modules can be changed or modified to give agents new or different functions and restructure their memories for different sets of questions.

Storing rebuilds

Every new rebuild of a Web site is stored in memory, allowing rapid reversion to any previous version. Also, it allows different versions to be run concurrently for comparison purposes. This facility enables experimental changes to be tested to see what effect they have.