Lingo Sorcery

Author: Peter Small

Second edition published December 1998 by John Wiley

ISBN: 0 471 98615 1

The magic of lists, objects and intelligent agents

On a surface level, this appears to be just another object oriented, technical programming book about using a language called Lingo (Lingo is the high level language used in Macromedia's multi media authoring application). At a deeper level, what the book is really about is learning to use objects, and object oriented techniques, creatively.

Object oriented programming systems (OOPS) were originally conceived as frameworks for simplifying and organizing highly complex computer programming projects. This book turns that original concept on its head, to show how object oriented techniques can be used to initiate the creation of complex programs - rather than simply providing organizing frameworks.

This opens up ways to create software applications that are based upon biological systems, which can grow, evolve, adapt and self-organize.