Stigmergic systems moves on

This site was set up in 2001 to provide a record of the thinking behind the development of stigmergic systems.

In 2004, work on new projects was halted in order to re-assess the theory in light of the new thinking coming out of neurological research. Brain imaging techniques were revealing that the functioning of the human brain is totally different from the way it had been envisaged in the twentieth century. The old ideas, based upon systems theory and computer technology, were rapidly being replaced by a far superior theoretical model based upon new concepts of dynamic, complex systems.

The implications for information technology are far reaching and it was decided that the next step forward should be to encompass all further work within these new theoretical frameworks.

To this end, work has now started on practical examples to be developed in the stigmergic environment known as Second Life. This will involve developing avatar functions that can reflect the emotional needs of their owners.

The site is temporarily divided up into several different divisions that are linked together only on this home page.

The Second Life link is concerned with applications in the rapidly expanding field of artificial worlds. A recently emerged phenomenon, artificial worlds has grown out of its early birth in the teenage chat forums to where it is now showing great promise to become a leading contender in the fields of media entertainment, marketing and advertising. It deserves serious consideration, even at this early stage in its evolution.

The Stigmergic Systems link takes you to the site as it was developed up to the beginning of 2004. This contains most of the project notes, articles and references that covered the work between 2001 and 2003.

The Primer link provides a brief synopsis (with an example) of the thinking in 2004.

The New book link takes you to the starting of a new book which will attempt to explain some of the esoteric concepts necessary for the understanding of the recent scientific advances which has led to revolutionary new thinking about the way in which the human brain and mind function.