About the Site Map

The time following the dot-com crash of 1999-2001 was a time of rapid change and experimentation. The world was faced with the cataclysmic disruptions brought about by the transience from the Industrial Age to the Information Age.

The site map points to various notes, references, explanations, projects and experiments that were carried out at that time as efforts were made to try to understand the changes that were taking place and try to take advantage of them.

The haphazardness and discontinuities in this website reflect the uncertainties of these times as rationality wasn't providing solutions.

As we finally figured out, the answers were not in the realm of the rational but in the esoteric provinces of complexity and chaos theory. This environment was dominated by uncertainty, competition and risk.

There is only one expert in this field: Mother Nature, with her explicit use of all the attributes of game theory.

The site map points to places on the site where records were made when these realisations were made and explanations attempted. All of which leads to our current understanding as we try to solve the problem of efficiently organising the web.

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